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Upon completion of the Foundation Programme,

your child will be promoted to the intermediate programme where he/she will learn to apply the formulae in more depth to a wide variety of arithmetic questions. Your child will also be guided on how to fully make use of their mental arithmetic abilities to check and solve Mathematical problem-sums for their respective levels in their primary schools.


Your child will also be exposed to more challenging questions involving multiplication, division, decimals and negative numbers and he/she will be trained to be ready for competitions.


Besides the usual regular practice on abacus and mental arithmetic, other activities such as speed writing, fingering and aural mental arithmetic practice are given to further enhance your child’s powers of visualisation, thereby enhancing his/her speed and accuracy.


At the end of this programme, your child will be able to:


  1. Perform addition and subtraction up to 5 digits with ease and speed using mental arithmetic

  2. Mentally calculate multiplication questions involving 2-digit and 3-digit numbers, as well as division questions involving and 6-digit and 3-digit numbers

  3. Check and solve Mathematics problem-sums using mental arithmetic

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